Query: Etymology of sanskrit "aham"/ I

Sergei schms060 at MAIL.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Mon Nov 15 11:15:59 UTC 1999

> further i would have a question to the instrumental Form of "aham":
> maya.
> Does this instrumental Form from aham "maya" have any
> etymology relation to the substantiv "maya = illusion"?

        One more note.
        I have learnt the word "maayaa" as a compound word consisting of
"maa" ("not" - the prohibitive particle) and "yaa" ("that" - relative
pronoun, feminine), which then means "that which is not". Just the opposite
of "satyam" = "sat"+"yam" (that which is true).
        Thus, I am quite unsure that "mayaa", the instrumental case of
"aham", has to do something with "maayaa".

Your ever well-wisher.
Sergei Schmalz.

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