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Sun Nov 14 14:04:03 UTC 1999

>I have heard that there are literally thousands and thousands of
>unpublished estampages of Tamil/South Indian inscriptions at the ASI,
>Mysore. If those inscriptions get published, I am sure they will add
>significantly to our knowledge regarding religion, society, history, etc.
>in South India.

Dr. R. Nagaswamy told me that during his Directorship of State dept.
of archaeology, he tried to convince the Mysore officials for giving
permission to print 2000 inscriptions, 100 each by 20 epigraphist.
But due to dept. rivalries, it did not happen; He said that
all of these precious inscription copies will be extinct soon due
to humidity, decay of the paper etc., In Mysore, there are 25000
tamil inscriptions, acc. to Dr. Nagasamy. The sad part is inscriptions
themselves in-situ are lost due to kumbabhishekams, painting over,
building collapse, or old temple sites taken for other purposes
(by politicians, increasing populations).

Iravatham Mahadevan said that he has located the oldest
inscriptions from Kerala. These estempages helped him to discover
these tamil brahmi treasure because partly the Edakkal cave
inscriptions on site have been destroyed by vandalism, tourism etc.,
Thiru. Mahadevan told that there are 60 to 100 thousand Tamil
inscriptions unpublished/unedited from 5-14th centuries.

N. Ganesan

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