Kaladi and Sankara

Selva Selvakumar selva_selvakumar at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Nov 14 01:35:33 UTC 1999


>For non-brahmins, we
>do not have the gotra name. The place name is also optional. The component
>"mazavarAyan2" can be considered a title (or an alias because it follows

  Many communitites of non-brahmins have 'kOttiram'
  (same as gotra).In fact sEkkizaar is itself a kOttiram.
  The tamil word kOttiram comes from kO, meaning 'head'
  'leader', 'king'. Many kOttiram names end in 'kizaar',
  'Uraar' etc.Examples are cenkunRam kizaar, sEkkizaar,
   cEtUraar, pukazUraar etc.

  Selva Selvakumar

>S. Palaniappan

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