Connection between Yama, yamI and yamunA

Ruth Rickard rrickard at EASYNET.CO.UK
Sat Nov 13 11:04:18 UTC 1999

There is some interesting information on the origins of Yama in the
Prolegomena to The Vajrabhairava Tantras by Bulcsu Siklos, published in the
Buddhica Britannica series by the Institute of Buddhist Studies in 1996.

Ruth Rickard

>Can anybody please explain the relationship between Yama, yamI and yamunA?
>  I get the impression that in Vedic literature, yama and yamunA were twins
>who were the children of vivasvAn. However, in Post Vedic literature, yama
>became the God of death and yamI became the twin of the God of death while
>yamunA was/became the name of the river.
>My questions are
>1. Is this interpretation correct? If not, please correct the record
>2. What is the connection between yamunA and yamI?How did the river get it's
>Looking forward to your answers,
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