One more try re source of Buddhist story.

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Nov 11 21:01:22 UTC 1999

Dear list members,

A colleague needs to know the source of the following story for a rendering
they are including in a book.  Can anyone give me any information on it even
if they can't give an exact reference.  I vaguely recall having heard it in
a Buddhist setting (and possibly also in a Hindu setting). The story is as

The Buddha (or a sage) meets a snake that has been killing and terrorizing a
village and tells it to stop biting people.  A year later the Buddha (or the
sage) returns and sees the snake beaten and half dead and asks it what
happened.  The snake replies that he stopped biting people and this is what
happened to him.  The Buddha (or sage) replies that he didn't tell him to
stop hissing at people.

Does anyone know if this story is Buddhist or Hindu (or other) in origin and
any other information about it.

Many thanks,

Harry Spier

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