Sanskrit Words in Mongoilan

Sergei Schmalz schms060 at MAIL.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Thu Nov 11 10:02:34 UTC 1999

Dear Indology members,
please accept my respectful greetings.

        A friend of mine asked me once about Sanskrit words in Mongolian language.
I have no knowledge of Mongolian, thus I redirect his question to the rishis
assembled in this conference.

        One thing is very important: these words must be not those generally
accepted equivalents used by Mongoilan Buddhists in their translations of
e.g. Tibetan works, rather PURE, so to say, Sanskrit words, which came to
Mongolian either directly from Sanskrit or via Tibetan or other languages.

        Any help in this regard is very much welcome. Thanks everyone in advance.

Your ever well-wisher,
Sergei Schmalz.

Institute of Indology, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

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