When did the gods become literate?

J.S.Pitanga jspitanga at OPENLINK.COM.BR
Tue Nov 9 05:59:19 UTC 1999

>[Nanda Chandran:]
>Though the Samskrutic schools too derived their inspiration from the
>PAli canon, they did what the Buddha specifically condemned -
>speculate about Reality.

Rather, it seems that what the Buddha condemned was to speculate
about what *does not exist*, such as a self, and neither Hiinayaanists
nor Mahaayaanists seem to have incurred such fault.

Your very interpretation of what the Buddha condemned seems to
assume the existence of some self-existent Reality, precisely what
the Buddha condemned.

>So it would be better if we considered Buddhism in its three different
>categories - TheravAda, HinayAna and MahAyAna.

What is called Theravaada falls into what is called Hiinayaana by
those who call themselves Mahaayaanists, both in terms of tenets
and purpose.


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