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Dear Katharina Heinrich,

   Bad luck --I have an extra copy of Ruyyaka's Alamkarasutra (TSS 1915),
but I don't have the edition of Bhamaha's work that you're looking for.

   I list some editions below. You should certainly have a look at the
work of Raniero Gnoli (1962).  M.R. Telang's edition has a useful
commentary. Note that D.T. Tatacharyas "Udyanavritti" was published
earlier (1927) as well. I don't know where you'll find a copy outside of
India. C. Sankara Rama Sastry's edition (1926) might also be useful for
its trans. and notes. (Apologies for the weird spellings - I *still* use
Pine, which swallows up the diacritics from my word processing file.)

Kvylakra of Bhmaha. Appendix VIII of the Pratparudrayaobhaa of
Vidyntha. Ed. K. P. Trivedi. Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series
65. Bombay: Department of Public Instruction, 1909.

Kvylakra of Bhmaha.  With the comm. Vivaraa of Udbhaa. Text with
Prat^hrendu's comm. by M. R. Telang.  Bombay: NSP, 1905 and 1915.

Kvylakra of Bhmaha.  With the comm. Vivaraa of Udbhaa. Text with
Prat^hrendu's comm. Ed. N. D. Banhatti.  Bombay Sanskrit Series,

Kvylakra of Bhmaha.  Ed. D. T. Tatacharya Siromani  with the
Udynavtti.  Tiruvadi, 1927.

Kvylakra of Bhmaha.  Paricchedas 1-6. Edition with English translation and
notes on Paricchedas 1-3 by C. Sankara Rama Sastry. Mylapore, Madras,

Kvylakra of Bhmaha. Patna: Bihar Rrabh Pariad Prakan, 1961.

Kvylakra of Bhmaha.  (Udbhata's commentary on the Kvylakra of Bhmaha) With
the comm. Vivaraa of Udbhaa. Ed. Raniero Gnoli. Serie Orientale Roma 27,
Roma: Istituto per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente, 1962.

For secondary lit. you might see G. Jenner (1968), V.M. Kulkarni
(1983) and:

De, Sushil Kumar.  "Bhmaha's Views on Gua".  In Commemorative Essays
Presented to Professor Kashinath Bapuji Pathak. Poona: Bhandarkar Oriental
Research Institute, 1934, pp. 353-358

Jacobi, Hermann (Georg). "Bhmaha und Dain, ihr Alter und ihre Stellung in
der indischen Poetik". Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der
Wissenschaften. Vol. XXIV, (1922) pp. 210-226.

Kane, P. V.  "Bhmaha, the Nysa and Mgha". The Journal of the Bombay Branch
of the Royal Asiatic Society, (Old Series) 23 (1914), pp. 91-95.

Krishnamoorthy, K. "Bhmaha".  Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal,
vol. 12 (1974), pp 168-178.

Mazzarino, Vincenzina.  "Bhmaha's 'three-fold' lilakra". Indologica
Taurinensia, 15-16 (1989-90), pp. 249-263.

Nandi, Tapasvi.  "Bhmaha's Mind". Journal of the Asiatic Society of
Bombay. New Series. Vols. 54-55 (1979-80 [1983]), pp. 82-94.

Pathak, K. B.  "Bhmaha's Attacks on the Buddhist Grammarian
Jinendrabuddhi". The Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic
Society, 23 (1914), pp. 18-31.

Sarma, Ramanihala.  "Bhmaha-samata-kvyasvarpnusadhnam". Medha (Raipur),
vol. 2, pts. 1-2 (July 1961- April 1962), pp. 44-53.

Sastri, N. Aiyaswami.  "Bhmaha". Journal of the Sri Venkatesvara Oriental
Institute, Vol. 3, no. 2 (July-Dec. 1942), pp. 243-250.

Simha, Lala Ramayadupala.  "Bhmaha's Conception of Rasa". Annals of the
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 42, pts. 1-4 (1961), pp. 175-180.

Trivedi, K. P.  "Some Notes on Bhmaha".  In: Commemorative Essays
Presented to Sir Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar.  Poona: BORI, 1917,
pp. 401-412.

van der Kuijp, Leonard W. J.  "Bhmaha in Tibet". Indo-Iranian Journal, 28
(1986), pp. 31-39.

Veerabhadra Swamy, M. R. "Bhmaha's Contribution to Indian Poetics". In
Studies in Alakra stra. Eds. H. V. Nagaraja Rao and M. Shivakumara
Swamy. Mysore: Pratibha Samsat, 1989, pp. 55-58.

I've left out references which deal with the chronology of Bhamaha and

Tim Cahill

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