Katharina Heinrich katharinah22 at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 5 10:56:33 UTC 1999

Dear Reader,

my aim is to produce an essay on sanskrit poetics with Bhamaha´s work
Kavyalamkara as a primary source and reference.  Reading the editions of P.V
Nag. Sastry (Tanjore 1927)and Batuk Nath Sarma and Baladeva Upadhyaya (Kashi
S.Series 1928)I miss a decent commentary, preferably in sanskrit or hindi. I
know of only one, namely D.T. Tatacharya´s "Udyanavritti" from 1934. Where
could I get hold of this edition? I will be thankful for any help regarding
commentaries and works on/relating to Bhamaha.

With kind regards,

Katharina Heinrich.

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