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I would imagine this is a rather difficult question to answer because to my
knowledge the ISKCON does not have like membership type follower. Most of
their followers are spontaneous ones who would attend some of their
festivals/rituals etc., may not necessarily attend daily/weekly rituals at
their temples. It does not mean there isn't a core group that almost
regularly attends and participates and perhaps even consider themselves as
followers of the Hare Krishna way of life. But even those, I don't think
are actually counted as per some records. Just to give an example in the
Durban temple (Hare Krishna) on every Sunday there might be about 200  or
so devotees most of whom are not regular followers as such but general
Hindus but sometimes take time to visit the temple. But at the time of the
festival of chariots which happens on the beachfront in Durban there may be
about a 100 000 devotees (this is according to the rough estimate by local
newspapers) attending the festival on a daily basis during the three days
of the festival. So perhpas the question needs to be put differently.


>Can someone inform me how many supporters the Hare Krishna (ISKCON)
>movement has
>worldwide? How many of these live in India?

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