Buddhist revival movement in India

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 31 20:03:21 UTC 1999

--- Balaji Hebbar <bhebbar at EROLS.COM> wrote:
> Also,  though  Buddhism  was  born  in  India  it  is  today  found
> everywhere  in  East  Asia  except  India  (neo-Buddhists  excepted).
> Similarly,  though  Christianity  was  born  in  Israel,  it  is  today
> found  in  Europe  and  not  in  Israel.  I  presume  the  national
> religions  in  both  cases  (Hinduism  and  Judaism)  were  rather
> deep-rooted  among  the  peoples  of  India  and  Israel.  The  reform
> religions  Buddhism  and  Christianity  just  didn't  hit  home  with
> them.  Indologists  I  do  need  your  kind and  esteemed  feedback  on
> this.

  I have friends from Lebanon who are Christians always; They gave
  me photos of rock craved Roman churches in Petra. There are some
  Christians in the area of Israel.

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