Buddhist revival movement in India

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Fri May 28 21:44:54 UTC 1999


In  connection  with  this:  As  you  know,  the  center-piece  of  the
Indian  tri-color  the  "Dharmacakra"  and  the  official  seal  of  the
Govt.  of  India,  i.e.  the  three/four(?)  headed  lion  seal,  are
both  of  Ashokan  origin.  Together  with  Dr.Ambedkar,  the  architect
of  the  Indian  Republic's  constitution,  it  makes  3  "things"
which  are  Buddhist  at  the  "heart"  of  official  modern  India.
Were  the  Dharmacakra  and  lion-seal  both  recommended  by
Dr.Ambedkar  to  the  then  leaders  of  the  Congress  Party?  If  not,
who  recommended  them  and  when  were  they  officially  adopted?  It
is  interesting  to  note  that  in  a  predominantly  Hindu  country
the  officials  seals  are  Buddhist.

Also,  though  Buddhism  was  born  in  India  it  is  today  found
everywhere  in  East  Asia  except  India  (neo-Buddhists  excepted).
Similarly,  though  Christianity  was  born  in  Israel,  it  is  today
found  in  Europe  and  not  in  Israel.  I  presume  the  national
religions  in  both  cases  (Hinduism  and  Judaism)  were  rather
deep-rooted  among  the  peoples  of  India  and  Israel.  The  reform
religions  Buddhism  and  Christianity  just  didn't  hit  home  with
them.  Indologists  I  do  need  your  kind and  esteemed  feedback  on
this.  (I  do  understand  that  modern  Israel  came  into  being  only
in  1948)


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