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Sun May 30 00:03:44 UTC 1999

Mr. Hebbar,

Please read my posting again. It is not I that is confused between the
various Krishna idols in Udipi. I did not say that Hastamalaka established
*the* only Krishna idol in Udipi. I'm well aware of different Smarta and
Madhva traditions. All I said was that the tradition of Hastamalaka's
establishing *a* Krishna idol in Udipi is known to one particular text, but
that the story *in that text* has come down in a garbled manner. How would I
know that the story is garbled, unless I knew the distinction between what
Madhva did and what Hastamalaka is said to have done?

Good day,

>Mr Sundaresan:
>Thanks  for  the  info  and  clarification.  However,  it  is  important
>to  point  out  that  HastAmalaka  did  NOT  establish  the  current
>UDupi  KRShNa.  That  idol  was  miraculously  obtained  by  Madhva  and
>consecrated  by  him  in  1278  CE.  The  idol  of  UDupi  KRShNa  bears
>a  rope  and  churning  rod,  while  the  VeNugopAla  idol  established
>by  HastAmalaka  earlier  in  another  area  of  UDupi  bears  a  flute.
>This  VeNugopAla  idol  is  today  merely  kept  in  the  northeast
>corner  of  the  sanctum  of  the  UDupi  KRShNa  shrine.  Please  do
>not  confuse  the  two  KRShNa  idols.

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