Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat May 29 14:47:00 UTC 1999

Does  any  Indologist  know  if  there  is  TulAbhAra  (the  practice
of  weighing  coconut,  jaggery,  butter  etc.  against  the  devotee's
weight  as  the  fulfillment  of  a  vow)  performed  TRADITIONALLY  in
any  shrine  besides  GuruvAyUr  and  DharmasthaLa?  I  am  not
interested  in  recent  (within  40  years)  copycats  introduced  into
other  South  Indian  shrines.  Obviously,  this  practice  comes  from
the  KRShNa  tulAbhAra  done  by  RukmiNi  in  the  BhAgavata.  Thanks.


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