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Sat May 29 15:41:16 UTC 1999

Does  any  Indologist  know  if  there  is  TulAbhAra  (the  practice
of  weighing  coconut,  jaggery,  butter  etc.  against  the
devotee's weight  as  the  fulfillment  of  a  vow)  performed
TRADITIONALLY  in any  shrine  besides  GuruvAyUr  and  DharmasthaLa?
I  am  not interested  in  recent  (within  40  years)  copycats
introduced  into other  South  Indian  shrines.  Obviously,  this
  practice  comes  from the  KRShNa  tulAbhAra  done  by  RukmiNi  in
the  BhAgavata.  Thanks.

There are earlier inscriptions before Bhagavathapurana's time
where Kings on their coronation or birth days donate gld, silver,
etc to the poor, poets, brahmins, deities. Sundara Pandya's
inscription of donating his weight to the temples and inscribing
them in Tamil poems on Temple gopuras come to mind.

N. Ganesan

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