TuLu & KonkaNI brahmins

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Fri May 28 02:46:57 UTC 1999

Both  TuLu  and  KonkaNI  brahmins  claim  Northern  Indian  origins.

The  oral  tradition  existing  among  the  TuLu  brahmins  is  that
they  came  from  Ahicchatra  which  some  have  identified  with  a
village  near  modern  Rae-Bareilly  in  UP.  One  of  my  teachers,
the  late  Dr. Padur  Gururaja  Bhatt  agreed  with  this  theory.

Vide:  Studies  in  Tuluva  History  and  Culture  by  P.Gururaja  Bhatt

Among  the  KonkaNI  brahmins,  the  SArasvats  have  long  claimed
that  they  came  from  KashmIr.  The  GauDa-SArasvats  claim  that
they  are  a  branch  of  the  SArasvats  who  were  brought  from
GauDadesha  (Bengal)  by  Sage  ParashurAma.  Even  today,  they  eat
fish  just  like  the  Bengali  brahmins.

Vide:  History  of  the  Dakshinatya  Sarasvats  by  V.N.Kudva


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