Bal Prasad bprasad at NETCOM.COM
Fri May 28 04:27:42 UTC 1999

This is in regards to the debate on St Thomas having come to India. The
following is paraphrased from a posting by someone in another forum. I
do not vouch for its veracity :-)


- There is no evidence of Thomas having travelled further than Ethiopia
and Arabia.
- The myth was introduced by the Portugese in the 16th century. They
used "Acts of Thomas" as the basis of the myth. This book is considered
a forgery by even the Vatican and none of it is included in any standard
bible. The settled land is called a desert kingdom - so it cannot be
southern India.
- Scholars like C-J De la Vallee-Poussin, Robert Garbe and Adolf Harnack
wrote that it is a myth.
- Stephen Neill (a bishop who lived in India) also wrote that it
is a myth, in his 'History of Christianity in India' (Cambridge UP).


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