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Thu May 27 19:58:48 UTC 1999

--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >I believe they may be representative of ancient  incorporations and
> >inclusions of darker non-brahmins into the brahmin community.
> I find quite a few arguments on this list arguing in this vein. Brahmins
> have to be fair and non brahmins (non dvijas) dark. This I think is totally
> absurd. Skin complexion has go to do more with climatic conditions than any
> racial origin. For eg : in Kerala, even the non-brahmins - the so called
> drAvidians - the Menons, Nairs, Nambiars - are quite fair complexioned. And
> I've even seen some Namboodiris not quite so fair! I would safely rule out
> any argument of inter caste marriages, as the Namboodiris are amongst the
> most casteist brahmins in BhArath.

  I do not know how much exposure you have to Keralan low classes;
   as your writings are mainly concerned with `high classes'.
   Kerala caste system, arranged vertically has more people of fair
   complexion among `high classes' whom you are in contact with
   and very many people who are quite dark among the `low classes'.

   Can it be the 'sambandham' phenomenon working?

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