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Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Thu May 20 14:15:44 UTC 1999

Thanks  Nanda  for  your  reply.  Wish  well  in  your  Indological
studies  in  BhAratha.  I  am  absolutely  sure  that  you  will  turn
out  be  an  excellent  scholar  after  your  studies.  Attend  tarka
sessions  if  you  can.  Every  Madhva  NavamI  day  (MAgha  Shukla
NavamI)  the  disappearance  day  of  Madhva,  paNDits  from  the
Shankarite  and  RAmAnujite  traditions  are  invited  by  the  Madhvite
pontiffs  to  their  maThas  to  a  vidvat  sadas  with  the  Madhvite
paNDits.  Go  to  the  KRShNa  Temple  at  Udupi  around  that  time
and  you  will  have  a  feast  both  for  the  stomach  and  the  soul.
Remember  there  is  nobody  to  beat  us  when  it  comes  to  South
Indian  vegetarian  culinary.  There  is  not  a  single  town  in
South  India  which  does  not  have  a  "Udupi-Hotel".  We  TuLus  have
cornered  the  South  Indian  hotel  industry  and  our  KonkaNI
bretheren  the  South  Indian  banking  industry.  You  cannot  do  any
better  than  that!    If  you  need  a  place  to  stay  at  Udupi,
let  me  know.  You  will  be  taken  care  off  well.  Good  luck!


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