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nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu May 20 00:08:00 UTC 1999

>Are  you  willing  to  come  and  debate  with  our
>scholars?  Of  course,  it  all  depends  where  you  are  India,
>US-Canada,  Europe?  How  good  is  your  oral  Sanskrit  and  at  >what
>level  would  you  consider  yourself  for  tarka.  If  you  are
>amenable  to  a  debate,  kindly  let  me  know.

No, Professor, I'm not the person to debate with your scholars. My knowledge
of Advaitam is poor and it's even worse with Samskrutam.

I plan to learn Samskrutam formally, when I return to BhArath in a few
months. Probably in a few years I might be ready.


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