Does Purusha will?

Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Wed May 19 09:10:16 UTC 1999

[in reply to Nanda Chandran]

Dear Nanda,

>> When proper knowledgerises in him
>> (samyag-jJAnAdhigama) that again seems to be propositional knowledge ('I
>> entirely different from anything in nature'), and that presupposes some
>> means of thinking this proposition
> Not necessary. There's something called intuition. ...
> Of course, thought can also lead to knowledge. ...
> Self Realization is not known by thinking, but by intuitive knowledge -
> knowledge of yourself by yourself.

There seem to be three different aspects present: a process, a state (or
action) and a disposition. When I get to know something (learning,
discovering etc.) that is the process. When you "mentally see", currently
think of, something that is the state. When you already know something (able
to remember it when need arises) that is the disposition.
Now intuition seems to be a process, while proper knowledge is either a
state or a disposition. 'Thinking' can be used either for a process (I am
thinking hard) or for a state (I think it's going to rain).
The process seems to be by its very nature unpropositional, while the state
(and more or less the disposition) is propositional.
So perhaps you might get with a sudden flash of intuition at proper
knowledge, still it will be propositional.

Yours, Ferenc

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