Homepage for dead systems

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Wed May 19 13:50:43 UTC 1999

Thanks  Nanda  Chandran  your  special  efforts  on  the  homepages  for
all  the  darshanas.  Indologists  everywhere  need  to  be  grateful
to  you  for  this  most  thoughtful  and  useful  service.  I  am
especially  interested  in  the  dead  darshanas.  I  shall  look
forward  to  reading  them.  Thanks  again.

By  the  way,  we  haven't  tangled  "tarka-style"  in  a  while.  I  am
keen  on  a  Advaita-Dvaita  debate  "continuing  the  tradition  of
the  NyAyAmRta  and  the  Advaitasiddhi"  as  my  good  friend  Shrisha
Rao  put  it.   Are  you  willing  to  come  and  debate  with  our
scholars?  Of  course,  it  all  depends  where  you  are  India,
US-Canada,  Europe?  How  good  is  your  oral  Sanskrit  and  at  what
level  would  you  consider  yourself  for  tarka.  If  you  are
amenable  to  a  debate,  kindly  let  me  know.  I  will  discuss  the
matter  with  the  members  of  the  Vishva  Madhva  Sangha  during  our
convention  in  Detroit  about  to  take  place  during  the  last
weekend  in  May.


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