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nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 18 23:56:57 UTC 1999

I'm actually in the process of developing a home page on the six brAhmana
darshanAs. But it's only in the initial stages and would take considerable
time to complete. Atleast 3 - 4 months from now, I guess.

The stress is not going to be on technicality - ie not as to the number of
indriyAs and tanmatras as proposed by SAmkhya - but the basic logic behind
the systems. What drove the respective philosophers to think on the lines
that they did? The origins of their theories. Why did a commentator
interpret a sutra in a particular way? How did the philosophy of a certain
school develop in time and what prompted such a course? Why did certain
schools support certain pramAnas, and not others? How did the systems
influence each other?

All these questions, I'll try to probe, but with what success and accuracy,
only time will tell! My attempt would not be a mechanical philosophical
exposition for scholars alone, but to "understand" BhArathiya philosophy
corelated with normal life. Actually my interest in this venture is to
further develop my own understanding of the systems.

But I'm not going to stop with only the brAhmana darshanas, but explain the
ChAravAka (especially JayarAsi's views) and the JainA systems too.

I would appreciate it if anybody could help proof read my explanations and
also point out the mistakes and make suggestions to improve the quality of
the work.


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