Scripts KannaDa/Telegu/SinhAla

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 19 15:09:36 UTC 1999

All are called Pallava grantha script; Not only
Kannada, Telugu, Sinhala. Once I asked a Burmese, Khmer to read
Kannada -they were able to read 80% of modern kannada.

All South East Asian scripts (before Indonesian and Vietnamese
were romanized) are developed from the Pallava grantha.

--- Balaji Hebbar <bhebbar at EROLS.COM> wrote:
> A  few  days  ago,  when  my  friend  the  Ven. Uparatana  Thera  of
> the  Sri  Lankan  Buddhist  VihAra  in  Washington  DC  area  and
> myself  conversed  found  remarkable  similarity  between  the  SinhAla
> and  KannaDa  scripts.  We  both  wrote  down  the  word  "ShrI  lankA"
> in  SinhAla  and  KannaDa  and  both  of  us  could  practically  "read"
> what  the  other  had  written  down.  I  had  heard  somewhere  that
> the  KannaDa  and  Telegu  scripts  were  PAli  based.  Can  some
> knowledgeable  Indological  linguist  educate  and  enlighten  me
> further  on  the  Script  affiliation  of  these  languages?  I  am
> fully  aware  that  SinhAla  is  an  "Aryan"  language  and  that
> KannaDa  and  Telegu  belong  to  the  Dravidian  group.  I  am  curious
> about  the  script  histories  though.  Thanks  in  advance.
> Regards,
> B.N.Hebbar

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