4 NArAyaNas & KarnATaka

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Mon May 17 14:10:06 UTC 1999

The  State  of  KarnATaka  is  said  to  be  guarded  by  the  following
4  NArAyaNas,  each  for  one  direction.   Is  there  such  a  similar
oral  tradition  in  the  Tamil  or  Andhra  countries  with  other
deities  perhaps  if  not  with  NArAyaNa?

1.  AmaranArAyaNa  at  KaivAra  in  KolAr  Distt.  for  the  East
worshipped  by  SmArta  priests.
2.  CeluvanArAyaNa  at  Melukote  in  Mandya  Distt.  for  the  South
worshipped  by  ShrI-VaiShNava  priests.
3.  ShankaranArAyaNa  at  Kota  in  South  Kanara  Distt.  for  the
West  worshipped  by  SmArta  priests.
4.  VIranArAyaNa  at  Gadag  in  Dharwad  Distt. for  the  North
worshipped   by  MAdhva-VaiShNava  priests.


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