4 NArAyaNas & KarnATaka

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Mon May 17 14:33:25 UTC 1999

How old is this oral tradition?
Few decades, OR
perhaps a century?

--- Balaji Hebbar <bhebbar at EROLS.COM> wrote:
> The  State  of  KarnATaka  is  said  to  be  guarded  by  the  following
> 4  NArAyaNas,  each  for  one  direction.   Is  there  such  a  similar
> oral  tradition  in  the  Tamil  or  Andhra  countries  with  other
> deities  perhaps  if  not  with  NArAyaNa?
> 1.  AmaranArAyaNa  at  KaivAra  in  KolAr  Distt.  for  the  East
> worshipped  by  SmArta  priests.
> 2.  CeluvanArAyaNa  at  Melukote  in  Mandya  Distt.  for  the  South
> worshipped  by  ShrI-VaiShNava  priests.
> 3.  ShankaranArAyaNa  at  Kota  in  South  Kanara  Distt.  for  the
> West  worshipped  by  SmArta  priests.
> 4.  VIranArAyaNa  at  Gadag  in  Dharwad  Distt. for  the  North
> worshipped   by  MAdhva-VaiShNava  priests.
> Regards,
> B.N.Hebbar

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