International Vesak Puja

Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Wed May 12 17:14:41 UTC 1999

International  VESAK  PUJA  and  Festival  is  being  celebrated  by
the  Washington  Area  Buddhist  Community  of  12  nationalities.  The
International  Buddhist  Community  has  among  other  plans  to  start
a  Buddhist  College  in  the  Washington  Area.  All  are  invited  to
attend  the  festivities  on  Sunday  May  23rd  at  Wat  Thai  DC  @
13440  Layhill  Road,  Silver  Spring,  MD  (USA).

Temples  participating:
1.  Sri  Lankan  Buddhist  VihAras  of  Washington  DC  Metro  Area
2.  Burma  Buddhist  Society
3.  Wat  Thai
4.  Wat  Lao  Buddhawong
5.  Cambodian  Buddhist  Temples  of  Washington  DC  and  Richmond
6.  Vietnamese  TheravAda  Temple

1.  Avatamsaka  Hermitage  (Hua-Yen  school  of  Chinese  Buddhism)
2.  US-Zen  Institute      (Ch'an  school  of  Chinese  Buddhism)
3.  Hau Man  Sa   (Son  school  of  Korean  Buddhism)
4.  Bo  Rim  Sa   (Son  school  of  Korean  Buddhism)
5.  Ekoji  Buddhist  Temple  (Jodo  Shinshu  school  of  Japanese
6.  Won  Buddhism  USA  (Won  school  of  Korean  Buddhism)
7.  Vietnamese  MahAyAna  Temples  of  Washington  DC

1. Sakya  Phuntsok  Ling  (Sakyapa  sect  of  Tibetan  Buddhism)
2. Kunzang  Palyul  Choling  (Nyingmapa  sect  of  Tibetan  Buddhism)
3. Shambala  Center

8-11  AM:  TheravAda,  MahAyAna  and  VajrayAna  PUjas  and  Meditations
11-12  Noon:  Offering  of  Food  to  monks
12-1  PM:  Ethnic  Lunch  Festival
1-2   PM:  Lectures
2-4   PM:  Cultural  Program

FREE  ADMISSION  BUT  Registration  Required.

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International  Buddhist  Committee

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