INDOLOGY Digest - 10 May 1999 to 11 May 1999 (#1999-55)

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 12 17:55:07 UTC 1999

--- Balaji Hebbar <bhebbar at EROLS.COM> wrote:

> The
> KarnAtak  Shri-VaiShNavas  are  of  three  sub-groups,  i.e.  the
> Hemmiges,  the  HebbArs  and  the  MaNDyams.  The  Hemmiges  are  all
> VaDagalais.  The  MaNDyams  are  all  STAUNCH  Tengalais  owing
> allegience  to  the  Yadugiri-YatirAja  MaTha  at  MelukoTe.  Most
> HebbArs  are  VaDagalais  with  a  small  Tengalai  group  among  them.

Around Gorur on the Hemavati river banks, there are 16 gramas,
called ashTagrAma. A friend from Gorur tells me that
most iyengars fro those 16 grAmas do not belong to
the three groups you mention.

What is the name of their group?


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