Rigveda: dravidian word kun.d.apa_yya

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Wed May 12 00:06:15 UTC 1999

The r.ca is RV 8.18.11:

Sa_yan.a refers to kun.d.apa_yya as the name of a ceremony. 
Pa_n.ini (3.1.130) confirms this: in this ceremony Soma is drunk from
a vessel called kun.d.a and this is said to b te pran.apa_t = tava
raks.ita_, the protector of you, Indra... In some translations, Kun.d.apa_yya
is interpreated as a name, a grandson of Indra. [an indication that indra =
indha, kindling ember].

n. [%{as} m. L.] , a bowlshaped vessel , basin , bowl , pitcher , pot ,
water-pot Ka1tyS3r. MBh. &c.; a vessel for coals R. v , 10 , 16 &c. (Cologne
Sanskrit lexicon)

But, kun.d.e = bottom of a vessel (Kannada)(DEDR 1693A). Is the word
in the RV a word drawn from the dravidian substratum? Would appreciate


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