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Sri Sirish Rao wrote:
  The very same trend is certainly
present to a large degree in recent Indological scholarship (such as with
the late Jan Gonda, who had never been to India, but was perfectly content
to theorize about it extensively from his armchair).

Vishal Writes:
The comprehensiveness and extent of Dr. Gonda's works is mind boggling
indeed (and are useful in their own ways) but often, one feels that his data
collection has been forced to fit a purely speculative and an artifical
construct. Some of the translations are totally against the spirit of the
orignial which greatly detracts from the validity of Dr. Gonda's writings.
As an instance, I refer Indologists to 'Vedic Tantrism' (A translation of
Saunakiya Rigvidhana) in which Dr. Bhatta has shown the stark absurdities of
the earlier translation of the text by Dr. Gonda. The absurdities in Dr.
Gonda's translations are so glaring that one is let perplexed.

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