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>May be Arvind won't buy the opinions of Talageri, Rajaram, Frawley.
>Has he written along with them??
Sri Ganesan wrote:
You probably forgot about S. Kak. Important point about most
`Indigenous Aryan'  schoolers is that they do not know a *single*
word in Tamil. For them, the main theorists come from Sanskritized
elites of Andhra and Karnataka. I suspect this has more to
do with the recent history. I have heard slogans calling for  Tamil
Aiyangars in Tirupati, Andhra and Tamils in Bangalore, Karnataka
must be sent 'home'! For some Kannadigas and Telugus, it is
hard to take that their origins have more relations to do with
Dravidian than anything else. Probably, even Rajaram and Talageri
may know little, spoken Tamil. They may not able to explain
one Alvar pAsuram, the fountainhead of ubhaya vedAnta (I bet).

That is why the attack on Linguistics, Indo-European theory and
so forth. Poor Tamil.

N. Ganesan

Vishal Writes:
Although  the above is a really pathetic posting, I would like to add that
to my knowledge, Kak is a Kashmiri name. I donot know whether Dr. Rajaram et
al can explain the works of Alvars (I certainly cannot) but can the
Invasionist Indologists do so? Personally, I think that Indologists must
aspire to learn both the classical languages of India, not only Sanskrit.

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