Cheran, Chozhan, Pandyan

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Wed May 5 14:06:02 UTC 1999

The ancient Tamil Kings' names, (cEran2, cOzan2, pANTiyan) has
been a puzzle. These dynasties appear in Sangam texts.

1. cEran2: Can this come from "caaral";
'malaic cAral' is mountain slopes;
cEran2 is many times called as "cEralan2" in sangam texts.
Kerala is the Western slopes of the Western Ghat mountain range
except for the ShenkOTTah and Palghat passes.
So, 'caaral' (slope) -> 'cEralan' (man/king of the mountain slopes)??

2. cOzan2: Can this come from "cOlai" (grove, flower garden);
Note that Chola country is fed by kAviri (Expander/Nourisher (viri)
of grove/garden(kA)). Also, Cholas' sport another title
'vaLavan2', the King/man of fertile lands.
So, `cOlai' (grove/garden) -> 'cOzan' (man/king whose land is fertile

3. pANTiyan2: In the Tamil tradition, among the three lines,
PANDyas are considered the oldest; They are the protectors
of Tamil sangam, etc., 'paNDu' means ancient; paNDaiyar = ancient people.
So, 'paNDu' (ancient) -> paNDaiyar (ancient people) -> PANDiyan??

Thanks for any thoughts on this; Appreciations if
Thiru T. V. Gopalaiyar's comments can be obtained from Pondicheri.


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