uraga and AlavAy

Wed Mar 31 13:57:25 UTC 1999

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>Alavay is a compound made up of Alam and vAy where Ta. Alam means banyan tree
>and Ta. vAy  should be interpreted as "place". Thus AlavAy means "the banyan
>tree place" in much the same way "alaivAy" (aka.266.20) refers to "place of
>waves". Originally it seems to have meant only a location inside Madurai and
>not the whole of Madurai. What is the significance of the banyan tree place?
>That is where dakSiNAmUrti is located along with his disciples. The
>of dakSiNAmUrti cult in the mythology/history of Madurai, Potiyil, Agastya,
>and Tamil grammatical, literary, and aesthetic traditions has not been fully
>recognized by scholars till now.


How do you link this with Akam 181 (16-17)
which seems to mention the presence of Shiva
(of the 4 veda-s)
in a place called AlamuRRam (Banyan Yard?)
which is apparently connected with pukAr
and the Chola?
 nAn2 maRai mutu nUl mukkaN+ celvan2
 AlamuRRam kavin2 peRa+ taiiya

- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (Paris)

>S. Palaniappan

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