uraga and AlavAy

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 31 16:05:19 UTC 1999

Interestingly, kuRRAlam temple in Potiyil mountain is so named because,
kuRu + Alam = kuRRAlam. KuRRaalam 'Siva temple is famous and celebrated in
Tevaram. Alam is the *banyan tree*.

Dr. Palaniappan has shown the DakshiNAmUrti presence in Potiyil
from the Sangam text, maturaik kAJci. Manimekalai and Cilappatikaram
explicitly refer to DakshiNAmUrti. Kalittokai and TirumurukARRuppaTai
refer to 'Siva under the banyan tree. Dr. Ganesan has given
references to the ancient God (Siva?) under the banyan tree from
sangam texts earlier (Re: Where was PANini inspired? (Part I)
on 9 dec 1998.

Is it true that banyan tree is so named in English because merchants
(bania caste) gathered under the banyan tree, and entered into verbal
agreements? The banyan tree being extremely sacred, the baniyas kept to
their words in trade transactions.


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