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Sumedh Mungee puts a question:

< Is the language of the
<Romani people still similar to any language spoken in India today?

In fact, the Romani Language is considered by linguists to be one of New
Indo-Aryan languages, see e.g.: Turner R.L. The Position of Romani in Indo-Aryan.
Edinbourgh, 1927 (Gypsy Lore Society Monographs, No 4); G.A.Zograph.
Languages of South Asia. A guide. "Routledge and Kegan Paul", London, 1982
(Languages of Asia and Africa, vol.3);
G.A.Zograph. Die Sprachen Suedasiens. VEB Verlag Enzyclopaedie. Leipzig, 1982;
T.V.Ventzel. The Gypsy language. Moscow, 1983.
   The grammar and basic vocabulary of Romani are Indo-Aryan, but there are of
course many loanwords from different Asian and European languages (Persian,
Greek, Romanian, etc.).

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