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       "The participants discussed different questions
        related to Xuanzang's biography...."

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>March 28, 1999
>From: Evgueni Tortchinov <blade at comset.net>
>Subject: Xuanzang studies
>On March 22-24, 1999 I have participated in the Second International
>Academic Conference on Xuanzang studies held in the town of Tongchuan
>(Shaanxi province, not far from Xi'an); the place was chosen as located
>near the Yuhuasi monastery where Xuanzang died (obtained his Nirvana) 1335
>years before. The participants of the conference were scholars and
>interested people from China (PRC and Taiwan) -- overwhelming majority,
>South Korea (mostly, Buddhist monks and nuns), Vietnam, Japan, Nepal and
>Russia. The ambassadors of India and Nepal in China have also participated
>in the conference as distinguished guests. The participants discussed
>different questions related to Xuanzang's biography, his influence on the
>Chinese culture, his translational activities, Yogacara Buddhist philosophy
>represented by Xuanzang's school of Faxiang (Dharmalaksana), etc.
>On March, 22nd the participants of this event took part in the ceremony of
>the opening of the new museum of Xuanzang in the restored buildings of the
>Yuhuasi Monastery.
>Evgueni Tortchinov
>TORTCHINOV Evgueni, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor,
>Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Chair
>St. Petersburg State University
>Faculty of Philosophy
>Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies
>Mendeleyevskaya liniya, 5
>St. Petersburg 199034, Russia
>e-mail: blade at comset.net
>tel/fax: (7)(812)526-29-47

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