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Shauna Singh Baldwin sbaldwin at EXECPC.COM
Sun Mar 28 22:04:04 UTC 1999

Dear Indology List members:

1. I need to check on money transfers before, during and after the 1947
partition of India. Is it true that many in the govt, in high places,
managed to get money out of the area that became Pakistan and into India
by wire transfers using British-owned banks? Any citations that would
corroborate this or describe the movements of capital within the country
during the few months before and after partition?

2. If Britain owed India 1.3 billion pounds at the end of WWII, (Sugata
Bose and Ayesha Jalal, Modern South Asia pg 159) was it ever repaid?With

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
Shauna Singh Baldwin

What the Body Remembers ( Knopf Canada; Transworld UK; Nan
USA; Seuil France, Bertelsmann GMBH, Seuil France, Mondodori Editore,
Italy. Sept 99)
English Lessons and Other Stories (Goose Lane, Canada 1996; Harper
Collins India, 1999)
A Foreign Visitor's Survival Guide to America (John Muir Publications
USA, 1992)

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