Ancient Gypsy language

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Request further leads on the subject.

pos'a name of the gypsies of Asia Minor among Armenians and Turks;
bos'a name of the gypsies of Asia Minor among Georgians (Gypsy); 
po_sa man (Pali); piris male (OMd.); firi male (CDIAL 14696). Any 
possible links with purus.a (Skt.)?

Cologne dictionary:
roma 2 m. the city Rome Cat. (cf. %{bRhad-roma} and next) ; pl. N. of a people

Is the IA domb- relatable to tr.omba = priest (Kuwi)?

Some notes are at:
"Polish Museum Explores Life and History of Gypsies 
by Natasha and Charles Recknagel; 
To visit the Ethnographic Museum, take a 
bus or train to Tarnow, about 70 kilometers east of Krakow.

"Few visitors to Eastern Europe are aware that this 
region is home to millions of people who migrated here from 
India 1,000 years ago and still speak a 
language closely related to Hindi and Urdu. 
These millions are the Gypsies, Europe's largest and most invisible
minority. There are some 8 million Gypsies spread across the continent,
and most live in Eastern Europe."


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