IABS Conference Reminder

Toru Tomabechi Toru.Tomabechi at ORIENT.UNIL.CH
Fri Mar 26 20:13:47 UTC 1999

Dear list-members,

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To those of you wishing to present a paper at the XIIth IABS Conference:

The deadline (Apr. 15) for the paper abstract is approaching. If you
send us your abstract by e-mail (To: iabs99.unil.ch), please put it in
*PLAIN TEXT* and PLEASE DO NOT send any attachement file in a
proprietary format, such as M$-Word, Nisus, etc. (all this in order to
avoid potential compatibility problems; anyway, it is a bad thing to
assume that everyone on the planet is under the control of the Dark
Empire of Redmond). Details concerning the use of diacritical marks
can be found in the First Circular available on our web-site at:

As we will reformat the paper abstracts to make them fit to the
conference booklet, you don't have to pre-format your abstract

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Toru Tomabechi, Secretary of the Organizing Committee
The XIIth IABS Conference
University of Lausanne

P.S. If you feel uneasy with tech-stuff and/or if you do not know what
"plain text" means, simply send your abstract by snail-mail in a
printed form. It is at least human-readable :-)

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