Prakrit and Sanskrit Manuscripts from Patan (North Gujarat)

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Mar 25 03:07:13 UTC 1999

I have been asked by a trustee of the major Jain manuscript library in
PATAN to publicise the fact that copies of manuscripts (palm-leaf and
paper) held in that library, the Hemacandracarya Jain Jnana Mandir, are
being made available to scholars for the purpose of research.

There are two published catalogues to consult for reference numbers.

The first by Muni Punyavijaya (only v. 1 was ever published):
Patana-Srihemacandracaryajainajnanamandirasthita Jaina Jnanabhandaronum
sucipatra (Uttara Gujarata ; Shri Hemacandracarya Jaina Jnaaamandira,

The second published under Muni Jambuvijaya (3 volumes) repeating some of
the information in the 1972 (although the 1972 entries give fuller
information): Anahilapataka (Patana)
nagarasthajainagranthabhandagarantargatanam  hastalikhitagranthanam sucih
(Amadavada : Saradabena Cimanabhai Ejyukesanala Risarch Sentara, 1991).

Scholars interested in obtaining copies of manuscripts from this collection
should in the first instance contact:

Mr. Yatin V. Shah, Trustee, Hemacandracarya Jain Gyan Mandir
10A Bharati Society, Sardar Road,
Patan, North Gujarat  384 265

ph (02766) 31768 or (02766) 20717 (maybe the 0 is not needed to call from
outside India)

Remembering of course that this is a privately administered collection
(immaculately housed and arranged I may add). In the recent past access has
been indifferent for a number of reasons, however when I visited Patan in
December 1998 I was, with the help of this trustee and his family, able to
obtain in one day copies of the two manuscripts I needed (maybe something
about new brooms).

Royce Wiles
Asian History Centre
Faculty of Asian Studies
Australian National University

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