River Krishna

Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 18 13:30:19 UTC 1999

The name of the River Krishna in AP in old times appears to have
been  called something cognate with the Tamil "karum peNNai";
'karum' refers to black color and 'peNNai' means palm tree.
We have vaTa(north) and ten2(south) peNNai rivers.

In medieval times, it looks "karum peNNai/peNNaar" was rendered as
KrishnaveNi, and later shortened to Krishna. Does Telugu material
or Kalingattup paraNi support this? Also, 'nalla' means
black in Telugu. Does Krishna (*karum* peNNai/peNNAr) have anything to
do with *Nalla*malai hills which have dark iron ore, mica.??

V. Iyer

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