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Wed Mar 17 18:11:54 UTC 1999

*malaipaTukaTAm: 234-5
*"........ veL vErp pIlik
*kalava maJJai kaTciyil taLarin2um"
*pIli = the single quill
*->"even if the peacock tires in its dancing owing to the weight of its
*feather of white-rooted quills [or collection of feathers]  spread ..."

     P.L. Samy had written a book (in Tamil)
     entitled  'zaGka ilakkiyattil paRavaiyin2a
     viLakkam' (Birds in Sangam Literature). I don't have a copy
     of this book with me, but I remember that he explains that the
     word 'kaTci' means 'territory' or 'terriotrial fight'.
     Peacock is supposed to be a territorial bird.

     It appears that the words (in malaipaTukaTAm) mean
     'even if the peacock loses its fight,
     having its white-stem quills clashing (kalava = mixing) with..'
     Since I don't know the context of the words in malaipaTukaTAm,
     I'm not sure of the meaning I've proposed except to point out that
     'kaTci' can mean 'territory' or 'territorial fight'.

*The commentator uses the word "kalApam" to explain "kalavam"!
*[..."ATutaRku viritta kalApattin2atu pArattAlE ATiyiLaittu n-iRpin2um".

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