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12 Mar 1999

Mr. S. Kalyanaraman wrote:
>>The transform p~~h is common in Kannada. It will be of interest to
>>trace the old forms of kalaham = disurbance, fight...

p-h transformations are common in Kannada and Tamil in the
word-initial positions; eg., pAl - hAlu (milk); pavaLam - havaLa
(coral); pal - hallu (tooth) ... Does this happen in the middle of a
word also between tamil and kannada? kalApam - kalaham?

Ta. kalakam, from the verb, 'kala' (to mix, join), is pronounced as
'kalaham'. Then, is the Sanskrit word, kalaham related to Tamil?
Like vaLAkam (front yard, mall) is spoken as vaLAham and so on.

V. Iyer

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