["Barry Pittard" <bpittard at beachaccess.com.au>: Naadis]

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Mon Mar 15 23:29:20 UTC 1999

I've been asked to forward this query to your mailing list or
listserv. Please reply directly to Barry Pittard at the address below
if you have any information on the subject of his query. THANKS!
David Magier

From: "Barry Pittard" <bpittard at beachaccess.com.au>
Subject: Naadis
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 21:01:50 +1000

I'm an Australian who has spent a number of years in India serving in
academic and social service areas.

I'm slowly exploring the topic of naadis, the predictive readings on
palmyra (or palm) leaves purportedly authored by great ancient sages -
such as Brighu, Shuka, Shukra, Agasthya, Kousika, Koumara, Kakbhusandi,
Bhoga, Pullipani, Vashista, Vishwamitra, etc.

Even the slightest bits of information help me to "jigsaw" a larger
picture together. I want to make contact with anyone who knows any shred
of information about these leaves - addresses of naadi jyothishas
(readers), and experiences - convincing or otherwise - of any one who
has ever consulted these leaves.

Barry Pittard

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