Clarification on pu.nyak.rtaa.m/n lokaan

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Tue Mar 9 01:33:25 UTC 1999

Charles Wikner writes:
>In the light of Whitney's observation, and Madhav Deshpande's
>expansion on the topic (thanks for that!), puNyakRtAn seems
>more likely than puNyakRtAm.

Let us be clear that the sequences

        pu.nyak.rtaan lokaan
        pu.nyak.rtaa.m lokaan

can both lead to a shared sandhi form with a nasal ~l.  Therefore,
phonologically, these readings can remain ambiguous.  In G.A. Jacob's
concordance of the Upanishads (p. 551), the reading with anusvaara is
listed as a form of the word pu.nyak.rt, while the form with the nasal ~l
is listed as a form of the word pu.nyak.rta.  While an explanation from
the words pu.nyak.rtaan lokaan may derive some support from pu.nyajito
loka.h found in the Chaandogya-U (8.1.6), the explanation with
pu.nyak.rtaam (gen of pu.nyak.rt) can derive support from the BG (18.71)
lokaan praapnuyaat pu.nyakarma.naam.  I don't want to insist either way,
but would like to refer to a basic phonological ambiguity.
                                Madhav Deshpande

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