[ADMIN] multiple identities/posters/fights (was Re: Personal attacks on the list)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Mar 8 16:37:57 UTC 1999

I have thought about the issue which was raised by some members at the end
of Feb and the beginning of March, concerning the possibility that several
posters apparently from within Lockheed Martin might be spoofing by one
person.  Or that there is some cabal at work, masquerading as separate,
disinterested individuals.  This was connected to Tamil/Sanskrit
atagonisms, in both directions.

I cannot see any obvious way to solve the question of spoofing
conclusively.  I have read the messages written under the different names
mentioned (Ganesan, Fernandez, Mahruesan, Williams, etc.).  Using the very
best text-critical tool available to me, namely my nose, these *appear* to
me to be different individuals.

The accusations about spoofing seem to be just part of a more general
feeling among some INDOLOGY members that certain other members, who hold
differing views, are not just wrong but also malicious.

I would urge members who feel hotly passionate about *any* topic NOT TO
WRITE TO INDOLOGY.  While a quality of committment to certain ideas is
laudable in a scholar, dispassion is also vital if knowledge is to

It is unacceptable for contributors to INDOLOGY to call each other names,
make imputations about others' intellectual abilities, or generally be
abusive or even unpleasant.  Standards here are *much* higher than
elsewhere on the Net.  We expect exquisite use of language, good taste,
and compassion.  All qualities shown in abundance in many of the materials
we study.

I will have little compunction in cancelling the membership of anyone who
is, in my judgement, persistently insulting or aggressive.

To return to the multiple-identity issue, I hope that the catholicity and
goodwill of the INDOLOGY list is sufficient that such tricks are simply

Best wishes,
Dominik Wujastyk
Founder, INDOLOGY list.

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