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Dear Colleagues

Can anybody please tell me where to look for some older Sanskrit manuscripts or editions of laNkAvatAra sutra. So far I have located those mentioned bellow (and I heard that there are no manuscripts of laNkAvatAra older than 17th. century in NGMPP catalogue.), but none of them is older then few hundred years.

1.    Manuscript in Royal Asiatic Society, London
2.    Manuscript in University Library, Cambridge
3.    Sarat Chandra Das and Satis Chandra Acharya VidyAbhUSana laNkAvatAra fragments published in Darjeeling 1900 in Calcutta Buddhist Text Series
4.    Kawaguchi's manuscript from Nepal
5.    Rajendralala Mitra's "The Sanskrit Buddhist Literature of Nepal"'s transcribed fragment
6.    Prof. J. Takakusu's manuscript from Nepal
7.    Raghuvira's Nepali manuscript published by Lokesh Chandra
8.     Nanjio's edition of LaNkAvatAra
9.     Vaidya's edition of laNkAvatAra
10.   corrections of Nanjio's edition by Kosai Yasui appended to his BonBun Wayaku Nyuryogakyo, 1976
Another question I have is: does anybody know whether the project of publishing the Sanskrit laNkAvatAra
by E. J. Rapson in Bibliotheca Buddhica Series, St. Petersburg and the same by
prof. Minayeff early in this century has ever yield in any results?
Thank you for any comment

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