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>than the  AMMK also mentions the South Seas, it says:
>verses 636-640
>"Everywhere the dvIpas too, in the Kali.Ngadreshu,  [kArtikeya will be
>worshipped]. The triguNyas [will be] in Mlechchha countries all
>around. In the bays of the sea, on their coasts. there will be numerous
>kings; the kAma-rUpa-kalA in the valleys of HimAdri. Many kings are
>stated to have been between meetings of the seas (udra-sandhishu).
>Many gaNa chiefs of the Mlechchhas, worshippers of the Buddha: -
>Indra and Suchandra - Mahendra inhibitants amongst the Mlechchhas
>will be kings."
>Kali.Ngadreshu, cf. udrasandhishu probably means Java as Kali.Nga
>dynasty ruled there in this seventh century.
>The text than suggest that Indra and Suchandra-Mahendra were
>Mlechchsas. So it seems that the Indian name for Sumatra and Java in
>seventh century was KaliNgodreshu. Am I right?

        Dear Petr,

                There was a Kalinga dynasty that ruled over
        Ceylon. So far, it is not known whether a dynasty of
        the same name ruled in Java in the 7th century. This
        needs to be checked.
                Sumatra was known as the Suvarnabumi; the
        Malay Peninsula was the SuvarnaDvipa. They were
        collectively known as the Golden Chersonese. Java
        was known as Yavadvipa.
                These were the geographical terms. At various
        times, there were different kingdoms and empires which
        were known by names such as SrIVijaya, Majapahit,
        Kadaram, etc.
                In the 8th century, there were three kingdoms in
        Java island. In the centre was a kingdom called "Kalinga"
        for sometime. The Chinese called it Ho-Ling.
                One of its kings is reputed to have built a temple
        for Agastya. In fact, there was a king who goes by the  name
         of  "KumbaYoni". Agastya statues are found in Java.
                Did that dynasty go by the name "Kalinga"? No idea.
        Only a particular kingdom in a part of Java was called Kalinga
        and not the  whole of Java.
                Better to check up with Gajamada University-History
        Dept., or the National Museum Jakarta and Jogjakarta.

>Does Manimekhalai talks about these places too?

                Have to check-up also.



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