Ref. check verse 6.41 Bhagavad Gita

Burt Thorp bthorp at PLAINS.NODAK.EDU
Thu Mar 4 14:28:52 UTC 1999

Would somebody please send Harry Spier a photocopy of the relevant pages of
the BORI edition?  I would, but I come from a very poor university with a
low photocopy budget.

At 01:46 PM 3/3/99 EST, you wrote:
>Belvalkar (1962) in this verse reads "...puNyakRtAM lokAn"
>and notes "puNyakRtAMllokAn" as a variant (M in this case represents
>Van Buitenen reads "...puNyakRtaMl lokAn".
>Could someone tell me what the B.O.R.I. critical edition reads?
>Thank you
>Harry Spier
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