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> I would appreciate if anyone knows a modern study of the practice of
> offering Dak.si.naa to Brahmins during the reign of Peshwas in
> Maharashtra.  I have seen only peripheral references to this practice so
> far.  The amounts of money mentioned in these references are very large,
> 1,800,000 Rupees for some years and 500,000 during the reign of Bajirao
> II, just before the British took over Poona.  I would like to find out
> more trustworthy descriptions, perhaps some published original documents
> of the Peshwas.  Any help is appreciated.
>                                                 Madhav Deshpande

June 25, 99
Dear Madhav,
I am taking a printout of your mail to India to see if I can find further
information on the subject. In the meantime, you may chack
Sanskrit Commission (1956) Report for some details on this point. I
faintly remember that the Deccan College and the Shravan Maas
Dakshinaa Pariikshaa at Badoda are offshoots of the Poona
Dakshinaa tradition.
Best wishes.

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